Tuesday, May 17, 2011

FAILED Photoshopped ADs

Sure, celebrities are rich and famous, but their job is to look good. Thank God there's Photoshop to help them achieve perfection... or not. These are some examples of celebrity photoshop doing more harm than good. It's just so funny and such a failure because they did not recognize the mistake before they advertise it to the public.

Since when Jessica Alba has a tiny head? ahaha

What? who is holding that same 'evil twin' behind his back? lol

WEIRD....They're clearly hoping that Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sigourney Weaver are so beautiful that you won't notice the mangled fingers, giant catcher's mitt of a hand, or free-floating head.

Lady Gaga hides her handless stump of a tiny arm in her hair.

This just looks funny. One eye is missing, her forehead looks small and I don't know. It just doesn't look like the real her. hahah

Amazing beds that I love!

Can you imagine seeing the same old design looking bed which comes with round shape, and most likely to be in a square shape. It can be pretty boring looking at it everyday. After doing some goggling i've found this very creatively, coolest looking bed design. It was really amazing how the designer could come out with various ideas. Below are some photos of the unique beds:

Imagine if you want to own one spaceship? well here's the spaceship you want, which you can lay on it comfortably! a bed with a spaceship design,amazing!

This is so awesome, I would love to have this one. Its big, creative and its a bed! hahaha..

For those who loves keeping space or have a small space, they should get this sofa bed. One sofa chair can be turn into a two floor bed! Amazing!

Creative doorbells

Doorbells? Well doorbells are a device that is place near the main door of your house.Is function by emitting a sound each time it is press, its like giving an alert to the person inside the house that someone is in front of their house. By doing some research i have found some very creatively built doorbells.

This is a type of doorbell that is for people who likes cute stuff. Well for those who hate frog, you are pretty unlucky, you might not get into the house. Furthermore look how detail they built this doorbell, it looks kind of similar to a real frog.

A doorbell that act like a little piano. Even though a doorbell does give out a good sound like a piano does. However, the visitor can play any type of tunes with this piano doorbell. Its amazing right? Visitor won't be bored even if they have to wait for hours.

The best and awesome doorbell i've ever seen. This is the right doorbell for a person that does not like to be disturbed. Wishing i could have one of this doorbell! It even look like a real dog butt. I guess the person who design this doorbell really don't want to be disturbed.  :)

We can choose any MP3 tone with this cool MP3 doorbell and it can store up to 300 songs. Awesome! We are also able to change the doorbell tone all the time to keep our visitors entertained. It comes with 2GB of storage, consists of a wireless doorbell and a wireless receiver unit! This is very a creative entertaining doorbell I have ever seen. 

Some slimmest houses & buildings

Lacking space? Over populated country? Small areas? Smart design? Oh well, amazing architectures have come up with great epic ideas! It will totally blow your mind of to see how smart they could turn a small space area to houses and buildings. I was totally shock when I first saw it and it is really interesting for me. So I would love to share it.
Lets take some quick look:

This small house is located in Toronto. It is mentioned that it has a living room, kitchen, bedroom and even a small patio! Hmm, I wonder how many people can actually fit this house. But it is still a smart idea! 

Super small! I wonder what fits inside. Well, this is perhaps one of the thinnest building or home located in Amsterdam. Absolutely crazy! 

Look at this, beautiful modern small design house! Even though the space is not big but it looks very comfortable to live in. The design makes me feel really impress and inspired by it!  

Some other slimmest building in JAPAN! :

Yah, shocking yet very impressive right? I would love to enter one of this house or building especially the modern looking house. They are so creative to form this type of house and building. Even though the space is small, at least someone can still breath inside it :P hehehe..
Alright, thats it for this post :)

Cool Hidden Doors!

Hidden doors are like the in the top of my wishlist. Imagine if i could have a hidden doors that leads to a secret passage in my house, it would be awesome! ) It would be much more awesome if the hidden doors were creatively made with its own uniqueness. Below are some of the unique hidden doors that i think is pretty awesome:

Based on the research being made, this was built to lead to a home theater. Its a hidden that was built with an LED screen that shows you if the movie has started or not. As you can see, the door is built like the old fashion ticket booth. How awesome it could be if i could have this kind of door in my house.

Look! a hidden door under the stairs. No one would even think of having a hidden door under a stairs.

Woahhh, a "Narnia-like Wardrobe Hidden Playroom"! How i wish i could have this in my house.

Cool-looking chairs

It’s amazing how people can think of such an idea to create things that are uniquely and creatively built. Below are some examples of coolest looking chair:
This chair was built by Peter Bristol and it known as a Cut chair, you might probably think this is a fake image but its not. It was said that this chair was built with the one solid leg is strongly attach to a steel plate beneath the carpet. See how creative his idea is. 

Known as an Embracing Mama chair that was made by Lithuanian. For me this arm is really amazing, in case when you needed a hug, you can sit on it and wrap the arm around it. It is said that the arm can warm you. I love looking at the vibrant color. 

Once in a while you find things especially designed for men and just for men. This is the case of this chair! I don't know any more details about this chair but it was probably made by somebody who got bored.. hahaha

Look how creatively and detailed they built the chairs. Wish I could have one of it. :)

Monday, May 16, 2011


Branding, what is branding? Based on the research and reference branding is a word that define brand as a name, sign, symbol and term or even a combination of them. Branding is used to identify a certain product or item. The function of branding is the most important part of advertising, this is because branding helps to get the audience to know the what a certain product can do to settle their problem, in fact branding tells the audience that the certain product is the only product to the solution of a problem.

Based on the research to have a good branding you need this following objectives: 
  • Delivers the message clearly
  • Confirms your credibility
  • Connects your target prospects emotionally
  • Motivates the buyer
  • Concretes User Loyalty
To achieve a good branding, the branding itself must understand the customers or audience needs and wants. The branding must understand the customers. To do this, the company need to know their best strategies in any aspect to capture an audience or customers.  


Mcdonald is known as a famous fast food brand. Mcdonald is a brand that is well-known all around the world.I can say that it serves the best fast food and it is simply delicious to compare to other fast food.

 reference : http://marketing.about.com/cs/brandmktg/a/whatisbranding.htm
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