Friday, August 31, 2012

Beauty Busters: Elemis Skin Clear Purifying Face Wash

Elemis kindly sent me a sample of their Skin Clear Purifying Face Wash, which I have been trying out this week. My initial thought was that the blue tube was nice; very simple but quick to find amongst all my other beauty products thanks to the bright colour. The colour choice is also great marketing for a facial wash: blue = the ocean = nature = naturally gorgeous.

When I opened the tube and squeezed the clear facial wash into my hand, I was surprised at the jelly-like consistency. It was a bit clinical looking and similarly, I could detect a smell of alcohol (Bombay Sapphire, to be precise!) which only made the sterile/clinical assumption stronger. However, after I read up on the product I discovered that it contains antiseptic to encourage healthy cell growth to repair any damaged tissue - which explained the alcohol-tinged scent. This is something I will gladly put up with in exchange for healthy new skin cells!

On applying the face wash, the Cedarwood fragrance developed, which was very pleasant and actually over took the smell of Gin! The consistency of the face wash actually feels quite smooth on the skin, without any foaming or lather. It rinsed off easily and my skin felt very clean afterwards. The face wash doesn't feel particularly soft, but my skin did feel as though it had been thoroughly washed - something you would expect from a facial wash - and it definitely isn't one of those flowery products that doesn't actually do anything. That said, the Elemis face wash contains cucumber for soothing purposes, so won't leave your skin feeling tight or dry.

The Elemis Skin Clear Purifying Face Wash is a product that will suit anyone who likes to properly clean their skin without leaving it feeling stripped of it's natural goodness. This is a great every day product for both hardcore beauty junkies and basic soap-and-water fans.


Elemis Skin Clear Purifying Face Wash, £12 available at Time To Spa Elemis shop.

With thanks to Elemis.

The Present

September is nearly here. Summer is close to over. I love the Fall as a season, but I dread the beginning of a new school year. I'm not in school, but Derek is. We have had an amazing summer where we've been able to spend a lot of time together. But as of next week our schedules will clash once again and we will maybe see each other for an hour out of the day. I HATE his work hours: 5-8 at night! Who works those hours? A Grad Assistant working his way through college I guess. He had this position last year too and it led to some friction between us. I would get upset, because really I moved here to be with him and I would never see him. I guess I can't get mad though because this assistantship is a good one. He gains a lot of experience in his field of study and it will just benefit both of us in the future. Not seeing each other a lot still stinks.

Once we realized that this crazy period of us never seeing each other was starting again Derek said to me, "Well... I guess we'll just have to make the most of the time we do get to spend together". Hes right (I hate it when hes right) instead of stamping my feet like a toddler and whining I need to put that energy into the time we can actually see each other.  Then I started thinking about making the most of all my time. I realized that I need to make the most of the time we don't spend together as much as the time we do. To just be in the present and appreciate all time for what it is. All time is precious and all if it deserves focus. My family time, my alone time, girl time, boyfriend time... all of it. While I'm alone I need to recognize that and value the alone time. When alone I can pursue my interests and focus on the growth of myself. I want to read all the books on my list, watch all the movies, learn to knit, have girlfriends over...When I have kids or a gruling job I wont have as much freedom.  This realization made me a more content person. I don't want to spend this time of complete freedom, anticipating the future.

I find myself too often thinking about future happiness. Do you do that? Glorify life plans so that you look forward to how happy you will be then. I very well might be the happiest I'll ever be when I'm married and have my own family or when I'm working at a dream job, but when I concentrate on that happiness and work solely to achieve those things, I can't recognize the happiness I could be experiencing now. I still think its important to work toward those things, but there is only so much control we have over the future anyway. So when I put all my energy and faith into my distant life I miss the happiness that is right in front of me. I always say things like "I can't wait until Derek has regular work hours." or "I can't wait for that girls trip" when really I should just focus on the present and appreciate it for what it is. Sometimes it seems like its always about the next thing, the next thing will bring us so much happiness (which I would hope it does) when really it should be about the now. I know we don't mean "I can't wait" in the literal sense, but I hope you know what I'm saying. Do you? Or is this just a bunch of gibberish I'm spitting out at 1 in the morning. It very well could be.

I really didn't mean to get all deep, but I thought about the topic and then looked up quotes and there is nothing like a few good quotes to get you really thinking. 

I'll be going camping this weekend with my girlfriends this weekend and checking off another goal. I hope you'll join me! Twitter: Cassandra25th Instagram: cassandrahenri or you can click on my side bar buttons. Either way have a great weekend and thanks for listening!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Inspired by 8 Femmes

This evening I present to you, Fashionable Reader, lust objects inspired by the movie 8 Femmes.

Ensemble  Christian Dior, 1956  The Chicago History Museum
 Coatdress  Christian Dior, 1947  The Kyoto Costume Institute

 Miz Mooz Fall 2012

Geoffrey Beene, 1963-1969  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ecarlate  Christian Dior, 1955  The Victoria & Albert Museum

 1950s b Timeless Vixen Vintage

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The Peplum

Hobbs London AW12

I can't find the right peplum for my body. It's extremely frustrating - the peplum is either so high that it makes me look like I have one enormous boob, or it's so low that my hips arrive in the room before anything else does.

Hobbs has come up with a simple yet clever solution - a leather peplum belt. Simply fix it where it suits you best over any oufit! Fashion genius at its best.

Cathy Dress £229
Marisa Peplum Belt £99

Images courtesy of Hobbs, with thanks.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

River Island AW12

About 12 years ago (when I was in my late teens), I loved River Island. A few years later, I went off them for a bit.... it was like I got too old for the brand, which had gone a bit "sexy" and perhaps a bit too flashy for my style. However, in the past couple of years, I've warmed to River Island again - I had got to that stage where I didn't even look in store when shopping, I knew there wouldn't be anything that suited me (or my style) so I simply didn't bother looking. However, in the past couple of years, the River Island window displays have caught my eye, luring me back in to browse. It seems that River Island has produced some really on-trend pieces and become much more fashion focussed, particularly for AW12. I'm excited to see the new season campaign images (below) and think I might just have to do more than just browse at River Island this season. Bravo!

River Island Autumn Winter 2012

Images courtesy of River Island/PR Shots, with thanks.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Then & Now ~ Cream Swirls


 Wedding Dress  1901  The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Viktor Rolf S/S 2012 RTW

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Modcloth for the Rack

I don't normally shill, Fashionable Reader, but I do like Mocloth. I also think, in the main, they are overpriced. However, currently they are having a sale, so I'm lying up a little under the weather and thought I might poke about and pick a few Retro Rack favorites.

Bathing Suits

Why I like it: black and white check, bow detailing at the neckline brings attention up to the face, side rouching and linear seam detracts from chest size, halter top shows off shoulders.

Why I like it: just look at that color? So good. It's like a cocktail dress for the beach. Halter top shows of nice shoulders, rouching hides chub, long full front seam allows for larger bust.

 Why I like it: gingham, I do love gingham, halter top shows of nice shoulders, rouching hides chub, I'm a little concerned by the angled sides and the short front seam allowing enough room for the bust, but I might risk it for this suit.

Why I like it: red with white dots, so cute, seaming is very flattering, boy short bottoms are comfy (and require so much less shaving), nice thick supportive straps, white edge at neckline to draw attention upward to the face, very 1930s look.


Why I like it: dark black lace detailing at the neck drawing attention up to the face, higher neckline giving Rack lots of room, darker lace over the chest area with lighter blue and less lace down the bottom again dividing and drawing attention away, seams in the hips allowing for volume. Not in love with the cap sleeves, but . . .

Why I like it: black peter pan collar and cream color gives innocence to shorter skirt length, detailing at the neck drawing attention up to the face, higher neckline giving Rack lots of room. Wide belt and lots of picks over tummy to hide all sins, shorter length made sweet by blue ruffle.

Why I like it: cross front but not a warp, pegged high and enough to cover the Rack, very vintage and muted color pallet, design of dress nips in at lower ribs normally smallest part of the body so worth emphasizing, sash detail, nice full skirt not too long would look adorable with flats.

Why I like it: what you thought there wouldn't be a steampunk pick? And steampunk for a hot day? Practically impossible to find.


Why I like it: A-line is a practically perfect shape for anyone, adds volume to balance out the Rack but not too much to make a lady with hips too hippy. Teal is a nice unexpected choice, pair with a black top to keep attention down towards the legs, again, great with flats.

Why I like it: Such a cute pattern, I have thing for anything equestrian, a little fuller than an A-line but still not too much volume, and pockets, I love pockets!  Again a nice pattern draws attention down away from chest, pair with a brown top to keep attention towards the legs, again, great with flats.

Why I like it: a pencil skirt with a fish tail and in cherry red? What's not to like?


 Why I like it: Ladybug nail art, see Blameless.

Why I like it: The only top I chose, a pussy cat, not sheer, with half length sleeves. So flattering, slimming, feminine, and minimizing. Modcloth has it in other colors, but I like of like the turquoise.

Retro Rack is also on facebook where I post additional images and fashion thoughts.
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