Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tesla Motors

Model S

Tesla Motors is a brand of a car. It comes from a company called Silicon Valley, based on the company they design, manufactures and sells electric vehicles and electric vehicle powertrain components. Tesla Motors is the only automaker of this type of electric vehicles. What it meant by electric vehicle is that, they don't used fuel, instead they used battery that could be charge, how amazing is that?!

I think Tesla Motors has only produce two models of electric vehicles, which is called Roadster and Model S. From the above picture, the model of the car is Roadster. I really love on how they design the car. For me they design it not too over creative, it is just nice.  It immediately attract  my attention on looking at it and I guess I'm falling in love with this Tesla Motors Inc.

Comes with different exterior color
Comes with different interior color

The hood of the car can be open or close
Roadster model is made out of 288 horsepower as the car smoothly accelerates 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 second. Its fast! It can go 245 miles per charge, and it plug into any outlet, anywhere in the world. 
Look at how amazing the interior design of the car! For me its very eye catchy, with the big screen in the middle and leather interior.

Next is the Model S. Model S type is more for a person that love more space in their car. Model S is seating for seven, where there is seating for five and two for children and a second cargo area under the hood. Model S gives a luxurious space. 

Model S
Model S can go for 160, 230, or 300 miles per charge. It is same as the Roadster model, it plug in any outlet anywhere in the world. You can even charge for 45 minutes and the begs you to drive the car anywhere you wish to go. Model S has a top speed of 120 mph and it can go 0 to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds.

White color
For me the design looks sporty yet elegant that suites a person that has a family. It also comes with different exterior colors, such as red, silver, and white. 

The interior of the car
Again! I'm falling in love with Tesla Motors. Look at how amazing the interior of this model looks like, with white leader seat, 17 inch touchscreen with 3G connectivity that can access GPS, restaurant recommendation, movie showtime and streaming radio. How amazing is that?!

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