Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Waste of Money

This photo has next to nothing to do with this post, but isn't he ADORABLE!!?! He ran around with this umbrella saying "Tut Tut looks like rain!" just like Christopher Robin.
My baby nephew Julian is starting to talk a whole lot. When he came to visit last weekend he enjoyed playing this little game with Derek where he would point to objects and Derek would call out the object's name
Julian points at the window. 
Derek: window.
Julian points at the couch. 
Derek: couch.
Julian points at the lamp.
Derek: lamp.
Julian points at the stepper exercise machine. 
Derek: waste of money.

Yes... the stepper machine that I bought last January to help me get in shape has proven to be a complete waste of money. I have rarely been using it and aknowledge that as far as responsible purchases go this wasn't one at all. You should know though that it isn't an actual stepper like at the gym. It is a smaller cheaper version of one that I don't feel gives me a good work out. the step doesn't step that high so there isn't much range of motion. What has been working for me?... Let me introduce you to... The CHAIR master.

I remember in Jr. high we had to pass this physical test where we stepped up and down from a bench for 15 minutes. I remember sweating and getting an actual work out. SO that's what I do. I take a chair, put it in front of my TV and step up and down while watching my housewives for intervals of ten minutes. Hey whatever works right? What do you all do for exercise?

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