Monday, October 1, 2012

Date Night Discussions

 Last Saturday night Derek and I finally got our date night! After many failed attempts (that actually ended up being fun times too) we got our typical dreamy "date night" . We went to the only restaurant that you can consider fancy in this small town. The food was pricey and the mood lighting was so dim I thought I'd need to break out a flash light to find our way out. I got something with eggplant that I couldn't properly pronounce and Derek got the ravioli. We even did that 'roll our eyes at em' couples thing where we switched plates half way through. It was disgustingly perfect.

We talked about lots of stuff... work, school, friends, and the oh so heavy topic of the future (don don DON!). Derek will receive his Masters in higher education in May of 2014. I realized that he'll probably start looking for jobs near the end of 2013. Now since I'm planning on this whole '2012 Apocalypse thing' to be a bunch of hoopla, the future is coming fast! We'll be moving sooner than I realized. And where we will be moving depends on wherever he gets a job. I have a lot of faith in my boo, in that he will get a job, but I know that its quite the luxury to have much choice these days. We've always talked and dreamed about moving to the North West. We love the idea of Portland, OR, but I love New England and lots of other places too. I think I could be happy in most places, but I really love having my seasons.  I would  love a less severe winter than what we experience here in Maine every year. Winter ain't no joke in these parts and I'm about done with that crazy weather. I love snow, but only the cute kind. The kind where I get to snuggle up on Christmas and drink some hot coco. Not the kind of snow that takes hours to shovel or traps you into your home for days or makes roads dangerous or causes power outages or... see what I mean?

So I created this little diagram that shows my top 5 places to move to. Like I said... I know I would be happy most places, but I would be excited to check out some particular areas too. I'm going to print it out and put it on the fridge so that maybe it will become subconsciously imprinted in his brain and he'll remember it when the time comes to apply for jobs.

Where would you want to move to?

Happy Monday and thanks for reading!

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