Wednesday, October 17, 2012

All Good Things

I don't know if its the yoga or what, but at the end of last week I was overcome with this very peaceful calming feeling. Things have been going really well lately. I've had some happy, productive, peaceful days that have left me feeling very fortunate.

 #14: Dance more.
Last week I met with the local high school's theater group whose musical I am choreographing this semester. I taught them their opening number and it went really well. I was a little nervous going in. When I think about teenagers these days I think of that My Sweet Sixteen show and cringe. These kids were wonderful though. Nothing like those bratty girls on MTV.

#9:See the Macy's Parade in person.
#19: Hold a sign outside of the TODAY show. 
#5: Ski/Skate
We recently discovered that while we are in NYC this Thanksgiving to cross of three of my goals, one of my favorite comedians from my favorite show 30 Rock, Tracy Morgan will be performing 6 shows. I'm so excited at the thought of seeing him live. Plus knowing that I will be checking of 3 goals in 3 days this Thanksgiving is reassuring.
#8: Watch AFI's Top 50 movies of all time. 
   I watched, "It's a Wonderful Life" and just loved it. Such a sweet and uplifting movie.

I've been on a DIY spree, which always puts me in a good mood. The November editions of these magazine have added much fuel to my crafting fire. 

And the beautiful changing leaves have given me a lot inspiration.

I collected a few, waxed them followed the easy instructions from this blog, and strung them together with ribbon to create this garland.

It hung there for about three minutes before Logan started attacking it.

I've been baking and eating Pumpkin Chip cookies like its my job.
#23: Read 15 of Time magazine's top 100 novels of all time.
I've finished The Great Gatsby, which I LOVED and am now reading Midnight Children, which I have really enjoyed so far. 

I came home one day to find a card and present from Derek on the kitchen table. It was this beautiful green scarf and the card was so sweet.

So yes... all good things. Except for those debates. I'm glad they're almost over. I understand they're apart of the political process, but I get so anxious when I watch them. I get uncomfortable when they talk over each other or go over time and feel so bad for those moderators. I hope someone gave that first one a hug after.

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