Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Ok...

I have never done a link up before, but I've seen this one around and it reminds me of the Its Ok page in Marie Claire (or is it Gamour?) every month, which I like. So here goes.

Its ok...
That I'm I'm writing this post ten minutes before I have to leave for work.

That last night didn't go as perfectly as I hoped while teaching the high school kids the choreography for their musical. I must improve my speaking to teenagers skills. How does anyone get their attention when they are in large groups?

That I have about 35 more movies to watch and about two months to do it.. Get ready for movie mania people!

That I have an embarrassingly large late fee at the library that I'm too afraid to go pay, because I'll be judged for my inability to read and return a book in a timely manner. I've been dragging Derek out and using his.

That because of some wild moment of crazy ambition I have volunteered to host Christmas for my family this year. That should be interesting.

Whew.... ok

Happy Thursday.

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