Friday, October 19, 2012

The Purple Gorilla

Its time I told you all the story about how this lovely little gem came into my life...
It was the Saturday night of UMaine's Homecoming weekend of 2011. Right around this time last year. Homecoming at UMaine is a tradition where we celebrate our alum, our school spirit, and our drinking capabilities. The school song actually has the command, "DRINK" in it over 10 times. 4 times in the first phrase alone...

Oh, fill the steins to dear old Maine
Shout till the rafters ring
Stand and drink a toast once again
Let every loyal Maine man sing
Then drink to all the happy hours
Drink to the careless days
Drink to Maine, our alma mater
The college of our hearts always

Anyway... my sorority holds an alumnae brunch every homecoming weekend. Since I still live in the area I happily house any alum that needs a place to stay. Last year an alum and close friend, Sarah stayed with me. We attended the brunch and then went out that night. We were having a ball drinking and dancing when...from the sky... fell... the purple gorilla. I swear it just landed in my hands. Sarah and I both looked at it with curiosity. What was a purple gorilla doing in a club? I, like any sober minded person, decided to dance the night a way with it. Yes the purple gorilla and I had a wild time.

 If you want to insure that men stay away from you while out with the girls dancing- Grab hold of a purple gorilla to fling around as you drop it low. 

At one point in the night I remember someone tried to take it from me. Some guy stopped me and told me that I had taken his purple gorilla. I was perplexed and almost handed it over to him when Sarah grabbed my arm and pulled the purple gorilla and I to safety. That was a close one. 

Sarah was convinced that because we had ended up with it, we had won something. So on the way out of the club we rushed to the door man. "We WON the purple gorilla! What do we get?".

Door man: "You get a purple gorilla".

OKAY! We'll take it. We were already in love. 

I'm trying to pinch his cheek cause he is so cute, but I now see that it looks like I'm doing something else.
 We brought that purple gorilla back to my apartment where it has been a full year now. Logan and it have become BFFS.

  UMaine's 2012 Homecoming Weekend is upon us and I'm excited to see what it has in store for us this year. I have strong doubts that it will exceed the last though. It's hard to top a purple gorilla.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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