Thursday, September 13, 2012

Date Night Tries

Derek and I have been trying to do that 'date night' thing. Since the crazy-odd work hours have started we thought it would be nice to set a night each week where we plan something to do together. You would think this would be easy... as we don't have adult jobs or children, but we had to attempt it many times.

Try #1: Friday night. It was Derek's turn to create a date. I got home from work at about 3pm and decided to take a nap since he wasn't going to be home for another two hours. I woke up at about 9pm with a snoozing Derek next to me. He had come home tired, decided to join me in my nap and we both slept through date night. We ended up ordering Dominos for dinner and watched Honey boo boo reruns.The Dominos did not sit well with me.

Try #2: Sunday day. The Patriots were playing and we decided to watch the game at a local restaurant. I ruined this one. I will take full blame. I got irritable and sensitive because I felt like he wasn't talking to me enough at our big DATE. When really we had gone there to watch the game and I was being ridiculous. My crappy mood resulted in a poor time for us both.

Try #3: Monday night. I planned to cook us dinner. Derek doesn't get home until about 9pm so when my girlfriend texted me at 5pm asking if we could meet up I thought, of course! It was the day before this particular girlfriend's 25th birthday and I was excited to see her. Turns out she was having a tough time realizing she had hit the big 2-5. She told me she didn't feel old, but had imagined herself in a very different situation than she was in. She had envisioned being married with at least the prospect of children on the horizon. Needless to say she needed a drink and I was happy to oblige. We bar hopped a bit and ended up at a comedy show. Derek joined us later and we had a great time drinking and laughing.  I wouldn't change it for anything, but we still had yet to have our date.

Try #4: Tuesday night: We try for another dinner at home. No girlfriends with quarter life crisis, no Dominos, no braty fits of sensitivity. I take Tylenol PM instead of regular Tylenol for a head ache and zonk out within minutes. Derek comes home to find me collapsed on the bed drooling. Real hott look.

Try #5: Wednesdsay night (as I type this): Today was Logan's first vet appointment. Derek and I had planned to go on the big DATE tonight. Logan had to go in for his yearly check up and we wanted to get a cut on his paw looked at. We thought he had cut it a few weeks ago, but he had been able to keep it clean and wasn't meowing in pain so we figured he could wait until the appointment. Plus Google told us if it wasn't pussing it was fine. Once the vet checked him out she said it wasn't a cut. Logan has double paws, and we found out, an extra nail we couldn't see. The nail had grown out and curled under so it was piercing through the bottom of his paw. I felt awful. I wanted to cry. He had been in pain for weeks and she said he might need to be sedated, stay over night, and have surgery to remove the nail. She took him in the back to give him his shots and try to cut the nail herself. She was able to and as of now he doesn't need surgery, but I couldn't help but feel like a bad cat-parent for not catching it. All I wanted to do at that point was go home with my cat and Derek and curl up on the couch to watch some dumb TV show. And that's exactly what we did and it was the best date ever.

Brave Logan at the vet.
Not so brave Logan hiding

Scared Logan. See the bloody paw from where the Vet took the nail out? Poor Logan.
I had been trying to create a date that lived up to some silly expectation I had in my head. I was being selfish and felt like the date didn't count unless there was flowers, pricey food, and mood lighting. I have to admit I like mood lighting, but is it necessary? No. I'm guessing I won't remember all the times we went out to expensive restaurants with dim lighting, but it will be a long time before I forget when we slept through date night and ordered Dominos, which made me sick. OR the time I threw a tantrum at our favorite restaurant. OR the last night of Amy's 24th year when we got her drunk helped her through her quarter life crisis and ended up at comedy night. And I KNOW I won't forget when we were scared Logan would have to spend a night somewhere else, but was able to come home happy and healthy, keeping our little cat/human family intact.

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