Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gettin' Our Fall On

This past weekend my mother, baby Julian, Derek, close friend Amy, and I got our Fall on. Like I said last week we had plans to go to Treworgy Farms, an amazing place with apples and pumpkins to pick, hay rides, animals, and a CORN MAZE.  The perfect place to go to properly get your Fall on.

Derek getting us lost in the corn maze...

...typical male...wouldn't look at the instructions on our corn maze tickets or stop for directions.

So Julian took over.

 and saved the day.
 Kinda... We mostly just chased him around until we ended up reaching the exit.

We did make it out alive and with the baby in tow. 

Next was the goats. Note to self: Next time around goats with a baby pay close attention. You see goats will apparently eat anything including a child's hair. I turned my head for one second and when I looked back the goat had a mouth full of Julian's hair. Yeah... not my proudest responsible Auntie moment.

This is right before the incident. Julian did walk away unharmed though. With a slight yank of the baby the goat released it's hair from his mouth. Julian didn't even blink. My kinda baby.

Then we ate some ice cream...
picked some apples
and went through the pumpkin patch.
but I think this little guy's favorite thing at the farm was the tractor. 
Baby fever for me comes and goes, but right about here it was spiking. 

and then after some Halloween costume shopping my fever went off the charts.

I mean... can you blame me? He is going to get so much candy out of this costume. 

How have you been getting your Fall on? 

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