Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We Came, We Camped, We Conqured

#20: Go camping

I'm alive! I'm alive! My girlfriends and I survived our venture into the woods and had a great time. Here is a little glimpse of our time in the wild.

We had to make a Wally World stop to get some last minute camping items. 
This was my girlfriend's facebook status after we left the store:  Beyonce bumpin, 1 gallon of water,8 liters of wine, s'mores makings and bridal magazines. Yes, you guessed it! LET THE CAMPING BEGIN!

 Our water to wine ratio was slightly off. 

We arrived at about 3 and checked in to KAO campground site: T3!

Setting up the tent was surprisingly easy. 

I swear she is hanging her head in laughter not frustration. It took less than 15 minutes. Yeah... I guess you could say we're pros.

Casey just happened to have this large tool in her trunk.

The tent was set at a slight decline. We didn't notice it until the middle of the night when we woke up and were all three squished on one side of the tent, because we kept squirming downhill in our sleep.

We spent the afternoon snacking on junk food and glimpsing through bridal magazines since Casey is getting married in August of 2014 and Caitlin and I will be bridesmaids! Yep my camping buddies were these gals.

The camp we were staying at had many activities going on. We were able to catch the chocolate pudding slip and slide, where you guessed it, people of all ages slid down a long mat covered in water and pudding. We didn't participate, but were very excited spectators. 

We had some slight trouble getting a fire started. We had bought fire wood at the camp store, but all we had to start it with was two lighters. Have you heard of this amazing thing called lighter fluid? Does WONDERS when trying to light a fire. After about 20 minutes of attempting to start one and with our daylight diminishing a friendly family offered help. I imagine our attempt was pretty entertaining and they felt bad for us. They were so sweet and had their two little girls bring us more fire wood in a little red wagon. 

...and then my phone died and I couldn't take anymore pictures:( but I think you can envision how it went. Three girls, a working fire, bridal magazines, and lots of wine.

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