Sunday, September 2, 2012

Here We GO!

#20: Go camping. 

Today is the day! Two of my girlfriends and I are packing up for a night in the wilderness. If you don't hear from me in two days please notify the police that there are three girls missing somewhere in Maine's forest. Yesterday we realized that we havn't put much planning into the trip. I called my friend and asked her what she had to bring.

Caitlin: Um... a sleeping bag. You?

Me: Well... I think I have a flashlight.

That just leaves marshmallows, gram crackers, and chocolate right?

Me: I think Casey has a tent. We'll probably need a tent.

WOW this is going to be a circus side show once we get there, but I'm hoping we'll get through.

These are...after all... the same girls that got my butt up and down a ski mountain, ALIVE! I assure you it was no easy feat.

This should be a piece of cake right? We might want to think about bringing food. Yep adding food to the list.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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