Friday, September 21, 2012


I hear Fall starts this weekend? I sure hope so because I've got all my fall/ Halloween decorations out.

I'm sure I'll be adding a few more.

This weekend my mother and baby nephew, Julian are coming to visit. I'm so excited to see them. We have plans to go to Treworgy Farms, a local apple orchard. We went there last year around this time and had a blast.

Is there anything more cute than a baby in a wagon with a bunch of pumpkins?

No. I think not.
Derek grew up in this area and has been going to this orchard every fall since he was a baby. The owner's daughters were once his babysitters so he has many fond memories of the place and is really excited to go. Like really excited. Like, I would never imagine a 31 year old man to be that excited about an apple orchard, kind of excited. Once they announced that the shape of the maze would be a turkey, he announced it on facebook and the background of his computer has been the maze's layout for months now.
 I couldn't stop laughing when I opened his computer one day and found the turkey maze.

 When you finish there is a giant congratulatory sign that says "YOU DID IT!"

There are also a few animals to feed.

Some ice cream cones to eat... or get all over your face.

And lots of fun to be had. 

We will be welcoming in the Fall season right.

I will also be getting my clothes shopping done this weekend! Thanks for all the suggestions on how to prep for this massive, much needed, trip to the mall. Have a great weekend :)

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