Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I recently did a go through of my 25 goals. I have them framed and hanging in my women cave.

I went through my list, crossing off goals I've accomplished, circling ones that I'm working on, writing dates next to goals for which I know when I'll be accomplishing them, and highlighting ones that I really need to get going on. Most of these I can't check off until the end when I can look back on the year and say that I've accomplished them. But there were a few that I really need to get on. 

Goals I need to get going on
#1: Knit something that resembles what its supposed to be: I still can't get those darn fibers to thread together into a recognizable piece of anything. I'm hoping to make a scarf and might need to call in some help and instruction. 

#2: Get a passport and use it: I've got the application I just need to get a copy of my birth certificate and get the photo taken and then I'll be sending it in! Canada here we come! Eh?!

#7: Conquer a fear: Oh I don't know... maybe I'll track down someone with a big spider as a pet and have some alone time with it. I get the shivers just thinking about those creepy crawlers. I made the mistake of telling my friends I'm terrified of Karaoke and now they are determined to get me to sing in public. Any suggestions of typical fears that are conquer-able are appreciated! I'll be honest I'm not about to jump out of a plane, I don't think that's a fear. Skydiving goes against my natural human instincts to live.

#12: Get an autograph of some sort: I'm thinking I'll look into attending a book signing. 

#18: Volunteer for something. I was hoping to volunteer at the library, but I'm afraid I'll apply and then they will look up my outrageous history of late fees and deny me. I am choreographing for the local high school's musical, but I think I might be getting paid for that. Help is needed everywhere so I'm sure I'll find something!

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