Monday, September 17, 2012


#6: Be Healthier

I took three yoga classes last week. Wow... I feel healthier just from typing that. My old dance teacher and yoga extraordinaire opened up a yoga studio right down the street from my home. I had taken yoga before, but only classes at dance workshops. I don't really know much about it.

My great friend, Caitlin and I have been attending a class called, Rock Star Yoga. Neither of us are considered what you would call, yogis, but we go and try and I'm sure we look like we have no idea what we are doing. We went into yoga completely unaware of what it was.

An excerpt from our first yoga experience.

While on our way to 'Rock Star Yoga'  
Cassandra: So this is a beginners class?
Caitlin: Well... not exactly. The pamphlet just said that it combines traditional yoga with the teacher's background in dance.
Cassandra: Well I hope we don't look like schmucks. Why do you think it's called Rock Star Yoga?
Caitlin: Don't know. Maybe they play rock music?
Pause while we both think about it.
Cassandra: What if its a class for people who are considered rock stars OF yoga and we're about to really embarasse ourselves.
Caitlin:... Okay.... I'm nervous.

An excerpt from our second yoga class experience.

While instructor is going around the room handing blankets to each student.
Cassandra: (holding up blanket) What do you think this is for? 
Caitlin: You'll probably be swaddling me. 
Cassandra: (shocked) Really?.... Like a baby?  
Caitlin: No you idiot I'm kidding... well I guess maybe... I don't know it could happen.

I'm hoping our knowledge of yoga grows fast. The classes have been great for me. From just a week and a half of going I feel like I have a stronger awareness of my body.

A week after the yoga studio opened a bakery opened RIGHT NEXT TO IT. COME ON!?!?! Really? Is the universe just throwing another obstacle at me to test my strength? I'm trying to become healthier and now I have to walk by this bakery every time I leave class.

Loosing weight has always been really hard for me. I've gained about 20 lbs since starting college and I'm ready to get rid of it. I have been trying to plan my snacks out just like I did my meals.

Derek and I recently gave up red meat so I've been getting a lot of my protein from hummus and chicken. I LOVE hummus. I Love grapes, especially frozen ones when its hot out. The only time I remember loosing weight, I remember I ate a TON of grapefruit. It makes me feel full and I've grown to like it. I don't like how messy it is to eat. I feel like a cave woman whenever I have one and usually have to change my clothes.

Thank you all for your kind words regarding my last post. Logan is doing very well! We've been giving him the antibiotics and he just seems happier.

He is still jumping in the tub when I'm not looking!

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